Supercharge ASP.NET
Web Forms with jQuery UI


Getting Started

Note: Juice UI requires .NET 4.0. Please ensure the proper version of .NET is installed before attempting to integrate Juice UI Controls. The .NET 4.0 Redistributable can be downloaded here or through WebMatrix.

Juice UI can be installed through the NuGet Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package JuiceUI

Alternate Download: The NuGet package can also be downloaded directly via the downloads page on GitHub if needed.

Getting Help

Google Groups

Join the Juice UI mailing list on Google Groups to stay up to date on the latest discussions, ask for help, and even take an active role in the future of Juice UI.

Stack Overflow

Take advantage of the massive community of developers at http://www.stackoverflow.com. We recommend searching for the tags “juice” and “juiceui”.


Keep up-to-date on appendTo and Juice UI news by following @appendTo and @JuiceUI on Twitter.

Source Code

All the source code for Juice UI is available on GitHub.

Reporting Issues

When first encountering an issue with Juice UI, please use one of the community support options to triage and identify the issue(s) before submitting issues to GitHub. Our staff will browse the community on a regular basis to identify any issues which should be pulled in as a bug for the project.

Please submit any bugs to the issues section of the Juice UI GitHub repository. When submitting please be as detailed as possible and include the following information:

  • If trouble publishing, building - full Operating System specifications for your development environment.
  • If trouble deploying - full Operating Systems specifications for your deployment environment.
  • Which IDE you’re using (eg. Visual Studio 2010, Web Developer Express, etc.)
  • What type of website project you’re developing in (eg. Website, Web Application)
  • A test case which reproduces the issue. (If your test case is over 20 lines of code, please upload a file or ZIP of files)
  • Full Exception output including Stack Trace and any Inner Exception data.